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Our mission

Turn it Off was created with a mission to reduce cloud waste. We set up the platform to help businesses save money on wasted cloud resources and become more sustainable businesses.

We follow 3 principles:

  • Focused

    Unlike other cloud management platforms, we do not try and be everything for everyone. We do one thing and we do it well – reducing cloud waste!

  • Cost neutral

    We’re committed to making sure the app will always be worth the investment. The savings gained from using the tool and benefits to the planet, will always exceed the cost of the platform.

  • Positive action

    We believe technology gives us a great opportunity to make a difference. Everything we do needs to have a long term positive impact on the environment. 

The impact of cloud on the environment

As more businesses move their resources to cloud, the need for large data centres increases. It is estimated that data centres generate the same amount of carbon emissions annually as the global airline industry! What’s more, data centres use billions of gallons of precious water every year.

The trend for public cloud usage will continue to be on the up for the foreseeable. It has become extremely important to follow GreenOps processes that help make cloud more efficient and sustainable. The most simple approach is to ensure every business uses only the resources they need and no more.

Meet Turn it Off. Our mission is to make the action of turning off cloud based applications easier than turning your light switch off at home.

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