Turn it off – Putting a stop to cloud waste

Reduce your cloud bills and carbon emissions instantly

An intelligent SaaS platform that gives you control over your idle cloud applications, environments and resources.

  • The Problem

    The majority of businesses that have migrated to the cloud are not seeing the benefits they were sold. Their cloud carbon footprint and costs are on the increase.

  • The Solution

    An intelligent tool that can turn idle cloud based applications, environments and resources off when they are not in use – that’s us – Turn it Off.

  • The Outcome

    You can become a more sustainable business, whilst saving money on wasted cloud. What’s more is you’ll be able to report and shout out about the carbon savings achieved.

How it works?

Getting started with Turn it Off is simple.

  • Sign up

    Signing up only takes a few minutes and you can get started with minimal commitment on our free tier.

  • Get set up

    We’ve got pre-configured templates to get you going. You’ll just need to select the AWS or Azure resources you want to start making savings on.

  • Create your schedule

    You can set up your schedule and rules manually or enable the platform’s AI features and it will do it for you.

  • Report on savings

    Use our reports to see how much money and carbon your company is saving by using Turn it Off.  Spread the word!

Try Turn it Off for free

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  • Schedules and Rules

    Our scheduling functionality gives you control over your cloud use. Create a flexible weekly schedule to start and stop your non-production environments or resources or use our rules engine to control usages based on cloud metrics.

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  • Artificial intelligence

    Turn it Off’s advanced AI can detect when your non-production environments and resources are not in use and automatically turn them off. These can be turned back on at the click of a button.

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  • Sustainability reporting

    If you want an easy way to save on your company’s carbon emissions and report on it, look no further. With Turn it Off you will be able to see exactly how much carbon and money you save when turning off cloud that’s not in use.

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  • One click management

    Non-technical users can switch applications on and off at the click of a button with no developer input.

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  • Works across all your resources

    Control multiple resources including Amazon EC2, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, AWS Fargate, Amazon RDS, Target Groups, Application Load Balancers, Network Load Balancers and Elastic IPs.

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Why us?

Our GreenOps platform intelligently controls your cloud emissions

  • Cost savings

    Our platform is guaranteed to be cost neutral as the savings gained from using Turn it Off will by far exceed the cost of the tool.

  • Sustainable

    It is not just about saving costs. Our technology is getting us closer to achieving cloud carbon neutrality.

  • Immediate

    In contrast to other tools in the market, Turn It Off enables businesses to make cost savings and reduce carbon emissions immediately.

  • Multiplatform

    Turn it Off is cloud agnostic and works across multiple public cloud platforms and hundreds of resources.

  • Focused

    We do one thing and we do it well. Our goals is simply to make it easy to turn cloud off when not in use and eliminate waste.